ascent magazine, 1999-2009

I had the privilege of writing for ascent magazine for many years and being its executive publisher in its final year. ascent combined spiritual practice, art, culture and social change.

Here are my articles and editorials on Living Sustainably, Globalization, Honouring our Teachers, Food and Seva, Conscious Closure, Women and Peace.


articles & essays

These are my articles on Practice Leadership: Conscious Closure: stewarding the lifecycles of organizations.

The 4-Rooms: learning ecologies for systemic transformation

The Powers of Place.




Intimate reflections

I love writing, and I hate writing. It brings me deeper into an intimacy with myself and the world around me. It can break my heart open from the inside. Writing connects me to the surprises that lie between things,  revealed only through words finding themselves on the page.

My current series about living and dying is in progress.



Jerusalem Journals

Finding beauty in a broken world. I arrived in Jerusalem in 2009 just as the region began to crack open with the Arab Spring. I was invited there for love, to be in a life partnership with no political agenda for peace, religious affiliation or specific role. I entered the heart of a conflict zone, my own inner conflicts and the larger ones being played through history, through place, and ultimately the human quest for belonging.  Journals coming soon...