We can call it coaching, mentoring, listening, witnessing, collaborating, doing-some-shit-hot-work-together. Whatever works for you!  But it's truly for you and focused on your quest & questions.

I often work with people who are entering a new phase in their leadership, who are being stretched beyond their current capacity or vision and who are wanting to ground down into order to soar high.


teams & organizations

Do you have a question that you don't know the answer to? Has your organization reached its limit and is looking for the next step? Are you looking for new ways of working that access a deeper intelligence in your self and in your community?

includes training and workshops

Labs & communities

re-write: It is a true artform to bring people together at a unique point in time and place

Systems and communities bla bla bla

labs / conferences / gatherings

These gatherings become "safe containers" where we can ask audacious questions about the things we care most deeply about, and bring people together to take risks, prototype & experiment our ways into discovering new ways forward.

The kinds of event and conferences we want to go to are ones that create a strong container for surprise, discovery and a shift in perception. So these are the ones we create.