I work with energy, co-creation, exploration, contemplation, reflection, play and action. It's grounded in our connection to natural systems and the living wholeness. Our organizations, communities and countries are experiencing massive change. We can no longer depend on traditional practices or mindsets. The need to predict and control is no longer helpful. We need to learn how to not only survive in uncertainty and unknown but adapt to this new way of being. We need to start working differently. We must begin to integrate our whole selves and whole systems.  In all my work, I integrate three fundamental qualities of this work are:


Collective Intelligence

How does working with collective intelligence aid and enhance your work?

access Collective intelligence through participation, diversity of voices, emergence, new patterns, self organizing, unexpected. Chaos and order - creating safe spaces. Whole system participating - changes is more meaningful and what we create together we will steward together.


Process mind


What is process mind? Deep democracy- how does this go beyond focusing on the process?


Natural Systems

Working with a natural systems process or lens is a different kind of work. It is cultivating rich soil so that over the long term, there is a healthy and resilient eco-system that feeds and inspires diverse life and weathers internal and external storms. What I mean by that is that we've shifted the focus on what the core of work really is; it's not only what we produce but where it comes from, not just what we do but how we do it. 

This attention to the Process shifts ...

living wholeness


What is living wholeness? What does it offer and is it important? Working from the whole self... LW is a journey moving between the visible and invisible. A practice of being with life as it happens. new and ancient, bringing in our culture and fragmented parts of ourselves. The collective accelerates our individual growth. Many forms of intelligence - connecting to the earth. Working with depth in order to host breadth. Hosting a hospitality,our homes and whole selves. More subtle intelligences. Systemic transformation.