People, Potential & the Powers of Place

A journey with the land, relationships and practices of Axladitsa-Avatakia: powers of place as partner to Living Wholeness. What is the transformative potential when people and place are hosted with intention?

This article was the result of a year of Action-Research, and was written for the Fetzer Institute's Power of Place project.

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The Four Rooms: Creating a Learning Ecology for Systemic Transformation

What does it mean to truly transform our systems–ourselves included–so that they are deeply sustainable, at all levels?

The 4-Rooms is the Living Wholeness' Institute's model of creating practice grounds for individual and collective transformation.

This article was funded by SIG (Social Innovation Generation).

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Crisis in greece article.jpg

The Crisis In Greece — and Unexpected Gratitude

'If there had been no crisis, we could not have known this quality of being together was possible'

Essay published online July 7th 2015here: Peterborough Diaries