Practice Leadership & Stewardship

Practice Stewardship

The Art of Hosting, Global Steward (not my words)The Art of Hosting network has no formal, legal structure, no appointed leader, no accreditation program and no controlling body. It is based on a practitioner network, with local communities of practice. An international group of stewards holds the deeper practice pattern and assures the quality of the trainings and the integrity of the global network.

Axladitsa-Avatakia, Land Steward

The Berkana Exchange Translocal Steward (2005-2008) and the Walk Out Walk On Movement:


Conscious Kitchen (founder)


New Stories is a 501(c)(3) educational organization incorporated in the state of Washington. We serve as a collaboratory of people and a constellation of projects gathered around a central flame of nurturing the emergence of new stories for who we are as humanity, what we can become together and how to navigate the process of change. We believe the stories we tell ourselves set our course for the future. When we turn to Life for inspiration, our stories motivate and support us as we engage our rapidly changing world.

The Art of Participatory Leadership Collaborative: We are a group of 30 practitioners from the Art of Hosting network who are stewarding the Art of Participatory Leadership (AoPL) practice into the European Commission. Through AoPL trainings, multi-stakeholder conferences and events, and working strategically within DGs (departments) we are seeding a living systems approach to help shift the culture of the Commission's bureaucracy towards collaborative, participatory practice.

The Amoeba / The Hara Practice Collaborative:  Myself, Maria Scordialos, Sarah Whiteley, Linda Mitchell, Simone Poutnik and Hendrik Tiesinga